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I’m in a van and you’re holding my hand
You’re traveling with me through forest and sands
I’ve been innocently learning a language
And you’ve been taking full advantage haven’t you?
Oh don’t say it’s true

I’ve lost a friend I’ve been silenced again
And we kissed once hey but that was in lust
I know you need more than giving moments
And sentimental stories and words only spoken seemingly
And I won’t win your heart that way

Oh it feels like none of this is real
I pretend that my heart and my head are well
But if the blood pumping through my veins could freeze
Like a river in Toronto then I’d be pleased
You said I made you feel warm said I made you feel warm inside

(camera obscura - forest and sands)

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Eight-year-old Mohammad Kaleem struggles with an undiagnosed, rare condition that has seen his hands hit a staggering weight of 18 pounds. A doctor from Delhi, India’s capital, has said that despite Kaleem’s seemingly hopeless condition there may be hope yet. Speaking to The Sun he said: “The boy may be suffering from either lymphangioma or hamartoma — both of which can be treated.
i feel like the morning star

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shout out to black trans girls and boys who get assaulted by cops but who’s stories are never given as much attention as black cis victims of police brutality. Shout out to nonbinary black folks who are locked out of gendered community resources and have to remain silent about their oppression.

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Please!!! I encourage anyone who follows me or sees this to sign this petition. My city is under a lot of distress right now for this wrongful doing. Here is the link to sign the petition…

Please sign this.

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you’re not a bad person if there are actual reasons why looking at ferguson stuff makes you terribly anxious or paranoid and im not going to fault you if you can’t. but, if you are humanly able, please reblog the posts on how to help, how to avoid tear gas, how to help pay for legal fees, the vigilsetc., and please, if you have the hd space, download and archive every video/picture of this you can, they are being taken off of social media. 

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